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22 April 2016

Ubuntu upgrade - left mouse click failure

I let Ubuntu upgrade to 16.04 today.  Afterwards, the mouse would move, right-click worked, and left-click worked in some apps. Most notably it did not work on the system menu/notification bar.  Doesn't even work on the login UI.

I knew this happened last time too, but couldn't remember why.  I finally figured it out.

In Firefox, go into Settings, turn off chat. Reboot (I know, shouldn't have to do that, but I had to).  Now,  mouse works.  Go back in and turn it back on, and it's still fine.

13 April 2016

Unable to connect ADB to CM10

As an Android developer, I have a ton of spare devices running various versions of Android.  One of them is the original Samsung Galaxy Note running CM10 so that I can test backward compat with 4.x.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to connect to it via adb/mtp/mass_storage for quite some time.  adb via wifi works, but is dog slow when running connectedCheck.

Luckily, I figured out how to fix it yesterday (and thus the reason I am leaving this post so I can find it in a years time when I forget yet again).

It's completely incompatible with USB hubs.  While all my other devices are plugged in through a single hub so that I can test on multiple devices, this CM10 device requires that I plug it in directly.  Once I did that, it started working normally.

Why didn't I think of that earlier?  Did I mention that none of the other devices have this problem?  Just the CM10 device.