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27 April 2017

Screen flashing after upgrade

I finally got around to upgrading this (now old) machine from 16.04 -> 17.10 over the last couple days.  After fighting with DKMS it's finally booting and working... except the screen keeps flashing.

Why am I facing this reportedly fixed bug?

I managed to fix it by going into the NVidia X Server Settings and turning off this flag:

As soon as I unchecked that, everything was fine.

22 April 2016

Ubuntu upgrade - left mouse click failure

I let Ubuntu upgrade to 16.04 today.  Afterwards, the mouse would move, right-click worked, and left-click worked in some apps. Most notably it did not work on the system menu/notification bar.  Doesn't even work on the login UI.

I knew this happened last time too, but couldn't remember why.  I finally figured it out.

In Firefox, go into Settings, turn off chat. Reboot (I know, shouldn't have to do that, but I had to).  Now,  mouse works.  Go back in and turn it back on, and it's still fine.

13 April 2016

Unable to connect ADB to CM10

As an Android developer, I have a ton of spare devices running various versions of Android.  One of them is the original Samsung Galaxy Note running CM10 so that I can test backward compat with 4.x.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to connect to it via adb/mtp/mass_storage for quite some time.  adb via wifi works, but is dog slow when running connectedCheck.

Luckily, I figured out how to fix it yesterday (and thus the reason I am leaving this post so I can find it in a years time when I forget yet again).

It's completely incompatible with USB hubs.  While all my other devices are plugged in through a single hub so that I can test on multiple devices, this CM10 device requires that I plug it in directly.  Once I did that, it started working normally.

Why didn't I think of that earlier?  Did I mention that none of the other devices have this problem?  Just the CM10 device.

12 November 2015

Tag Heuer - Day 1

Ordering the watch was a little tricky. Every time I went to checkout, it would remove the watch from my cart. It was just minutes after the release, so I assumed the website was having a hard time. Since there were no local shops that were going to carry it, I decided to try one more thing. I created an account first and voila the order went through with no problems. That was Monday.
Tuesday, they inform me it will be delivered by the following morning. It arrived before 10am Wednesday morning.

The packaging was really well done. Not only secure, but even the packing slip was inside a thank you note. There was no instruction manual or anything - but I mean, really, those get out of date as fast as you OTA... And I had two of those right away.

The magnetic charging base is nice, though it is awkward to use since it can't sit flat while charging.

I've had the email address for years so I rather quickly disabled wear notifications from gmail. 

The first time my phone rang, I found myself glance at my watch first. That actually surprised me. I tried answering a call with the watch, but that was pretty pointless since it was still using the speaker and microphone from the phone a few feet away.

It's rather comfortable. I like that Google Fit can be more accurate than before ( didn't always carry my phone while waking around the house, using elliptical, etc ). 

After charging through the night, today was the real test. After about 15 hours it is reporting 8% battery left. That's a far cry from 25 hours. It's a good thing I didn't leave gmail notifications enabled or I might have had to charge it after 5.  I'd say the battery is the only downside so far.

08 November 2015

LG v10 Day 1

I've been using the LG v10 for about a day so far, an upgrade from my HTC One m7 GPe.

Overall, it's a nice device. A bit big, but I should be able to get used to that since I used to have the first gen Galaxy Note.

The UI is a little different... In the app drawer, there is a Google subfolder. You can add additional apps to it, but can't sort them. Actually doesn't look like you can remove them either. Haven't found any way to add additional folders yet.  I was able to hide all the AT&T bloatware, so that's something.

Second screen? Eh still haven't decided if it is gimmick or useful. I didn't buy it for that feature anyway.

I was going to replace the launcher with the Google Now launcher, but I like that it is a doubly linked list so I'll keep it for now.

I do like that there it's a dedicated button for screenshots - the HTC was notorious for making me try try again. I also like that I can change the soft buttons ( order and content ).

I do not like the buttons on the back. I'm sure I'll get used to them, but whoever thought it was a good idea to encourage people to accidentally put their finger on the camera lens repeatedly was obviously not a photo buff.

I haven't run any cpu or ui benchmarks yet, but it seems rather quick. Speedtest wasn't looking great. Time will tell.

And in case you are wondering why I went with this phone, it was mostly because I wanted to try out the manual camera mode. I don't expect it to beat out my Canon, but it seemed i interesting. Also, removable battery and sd are hard to come by these days.

28 October 2015

USB3 hub disconnecting - dropping adb connection

I'm probably jumping the gun, but I am hopeful.

I was having a problem where my new OctoFire hub was disconnecting quite often -- especially if using something like Android ScreenMonitor.

I think it is fixed.  I found the suggestion to disable the autosuspend here.

Edit the /etc/default/grub file and append to the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT line:
Then run:
sudo update-grub
sudo reboot

16 September 2014


I was just thinking today....

  • synchronized: The single line open at the DMV
  • thread pool: Cashiers at the grocery store
  • reentrant read/write locks: The tiny booths at Saturday Market
  • volatile: The "in-use" sign on airplane restrooms
  • concurrent collections: Open-air Farmers Market
  • FIFO: freeway on-ramp
  • LIFO: UHaul Boxes

anyone else want to contribute some?