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27 June 2010

Manually installed FroYo

Ok, I got impatient.  I have been checking my System Updates window a few times a day, and still no sign of the update...  so I decided to do it manually using these instructions (recapped here):

*Note: These instructions are apparently for the unlocked TMobile version of the NexusOne (which I happen to be using on the AT&T network).

  1. Verify that you are on build ERE27 (under Settings | About Phone)
  2. Download this file as '' in the root of your microSD (which I did via the USB connection)
  3. Not sure if it is necessary, but I unplugged the USB for the next few steps
  4. Power off your phone
  5. Hold down the trackball and press/release the power button
  6. When the white screen with skateboarding robots show up, make sure Bootloader is selected (should be already) and hit the power button.
  7. If you try to scroll down (using Volume buttons) the screen may flash to another message for a moment. When it comes back, scroll down to Recovery and hit the power button.
  8. After it reboots, you'll see the exclamation screen.
  9. Press the power and volume up buttons.  I found PressPower->Press/Release Volume->Release Power seemed to work
  10. Using the trackball, scroll down and select Apply
  11. It will take awhile, then reboots... then it takes a really long while. Go make a sandwich.
  12. Once it is booted again, verify that FRF50 is installed.
  13. In my case, it immediately started doing a synchronization.  If it does, I'd recommend waiting until it finishes.
  14. Delete from the microSD
  15. Put this file as '' in the root of your microSD.
  16. Repeat steps #3 through #10.
  17. This time, after applying the update, you'll have to select the reboot option.
  18. It's going to take awhile.  Go check your email.
  19. Once it boots up, verify that FRF83 is installed.
  20. Delete from the microSD.
  21. Enjoy

1 comment:

  1. After doing the upgrade, Gestures quit working on Swype... in the end, I uninstalled it and reinstalled (via the Swype Installer that I left installed) and it started working again.