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11 December 2011

Publishing for GoogleTV

Yesterday I received the 3.1 update to my Logitech Revue box.  Definitely better than it was, if for no other reason than the Market is finally there.  So what's a developer to do besides install their own apps?

Unfortunately, FetLife wasn't available in the Market.  Luckily, I had already expected that.  I head over to the migrating page and try to figure out what all I need to change.

Turns out, the only thing I had to do for it to show up in the Market (for GoogleTV) was add this one line to my manifest.

    <uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.touchscreen" android:required="false">*lt;/uses-feature>

This effectively makes the market quit filtering it out.  After republishing, I go back to my GoogleTV and check the Market.  Yep, there it is. (Note: the Market DOES allow multiple user accounts, so if you are using an account other than the one you purchased the app with; you have to add that account as well, or repurchase).

Now, at first, while it showed up, it said it was incompatible.  I looked around online for a bit, then found this excellent resource on how to use ADB with my GoogleTV.  You can walk through the article, but the jist of it is:

  1. Tell GoogleTV that your dev box is going to be the debugging IP
  2. adb connect googletv-ip-address
  3. adb devices/logcat/etc
So, I fire up logcat, relaunch the Market and... oh, it will let me install it now.  It appears that it just takes a little while (15 minutes?) before the Market has analyzed it?

Anyways, app published and installed on the big screen.  Now to disable things like camera and vibrate and....

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